Wedding of a lifetime at Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay


Every girl has her dream wedding and that night, I was reminded of mine.

I recently went to Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay, a premier countryside destination nestled in the breezy and luscious Tagaytay.  It took us only a few minutes to find it and when we did, we were greeted with warm welcomes and a romantic setup – perfect for anyone who wants to feel love. I would say there was love all around me that night having been joined by soon-to-wed couples.

The setup was a perfect re-creation of a wedding venue: with white and crimson flowers all over – from the table for guests to the stage setup. I thought I was going to attend a real wedding. Only, I wasn’t. The backdrop flower setup was by Jessie Pulia of Ava’s Floral Creation while the centerpiece flower setup was by Myra Solis of Maykas Solas.

The event was hosted by Randy Balaguer with guest speaker Marifi Antonio of Stat Events and Trends who gave insights on how to prepare for your wedding.

The venue, the Joya Pavilion, was spacious enough for 200 guests. There was music by a quartet and a food tasting session where we got to taste Hotel Kimberly’ s unique food offering if you decide to book your wedding venue and caterer with them. I especially liked the roasted pumpkin and herb tomatoes and the roast beef short plate with red wine sauce. I especially liked the roasted pumpkin and herb tomatoes and the roast beef shortplate with red wine sauce. The mini-ham muffins were to die for as well! For me, the great thing about their food is its uniqueness. It’s a good combination of food you’d probably expect in a wedding like the butter garlic mixed seafood pasta and those you wouldn’t, like the kalamansi tartlets.

True enough, it was close to what a real wedding can get and Hotel Kimberly did not disappoint. I also had the chance to win the grand prize for the raffle that night – a P50,000 discount in their wedding packages. The catch? I am not getting married anytime soon so I had to say goodbye to the prize I almost had (Sigh. Or is that a sign? Just kidding!)

The hotel offers four wedding venues for couples who are planning to tie the knot soon. The best thing is they have both indoor and outdoor venues, which is perfect especially in Tagaytay where the weather is getting more and more unpredictable.

The indoor function areas include the Joya Pavilion which is a glass-encased standalone pavilion overlooking the splendid greenery surrounding the hotel. Imagine anyone looking forward to seeing the bride and the groom from the outside? It must be a perfect view. The pavilion can accommodate up to 200 guests.

Joya Pavilion

If you’re looking for another indoor venue which can accommodate up to 300 guests, you may choose Amorsolo, an elegant ballroom located within the hotel building.


Farm/ Garden

For outdoor venues, drink in the sunset as you say your “I do” at Hotel Kimberly’s farm/garden venue which is a spacious place for celebrating love with up to 500 guests.



Intimate occasions are also made more romantic when you choose to hold the event at the hotel’s beautifully landscaped poolside. This can accommodate up to 100 guests.

I had a chance to talk to Anamae Miclat and Paolo Magpayo, one of the couples who have already booked with Hotel Kimberly for their wedding this coming December 29. When asked why they decided to hold this special day in the hotel, Anamae admitted that Hotel Kimberly was not in their original list but when they checked it out, Anamae knew she found the place because of the perfect mix of its indoor and outdoor feel.

“The most important thing for us in choosing a venue is the comfort of our guests… We wanted them to be as comfortable as possible,” Anamae shares. “So, it’s a good mix of convenience, ambiance, and guest-friendliness. The food and the people are great also,” Paolo adds.


There you go, straight from the people who have put their trust on Hotel Kimberly. I guess any other couple can expect the same.

Meili Leodones, Sales & Events Officer at Hotel Kimberly, assures couples that Hotel Kimberly will be their partner in making their dream wedding come to life. “For weddings, we offer customized and packaged services. All our packages include food and menu selection, and styling depending on the package,” she says.
With this in mind, you can truly depend on Hotel Kimberly to give you your wedding of a lifetime.
Other sponsors of the event include Mannix Pena of Shorts Gourmet for the cake display and the cookies for giveaway; Alegrio Pal of AR Pal Photography as the event photographer; and RM Audio for the lights and sounds. Lechon by Ed and Daisy Lechon Haus. Flowers by Myra Solis of Mykas Solas and Jessie Pulia of Ava's Floral Creation.

For information on their wedding packages, check this out or e-mail and visit



Photo credit: Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay.