Unique Flowers on your Wedding!

Bouquets nowadays are more than just the regular arrangements of blooms. As weddings innovate and become more and more creative, so are the bridal bouquets. Here are some of out-of-the-box bouquet ideas that’s perfect for your big day whether it’s for a wedding or for your renewal of vows. It doesn’t only make your celebration beautiful, it can also mirror your love story. 


Who says a bouquet is limited to blooms and fauna? Lala Garcia plays with jewels and accessories to create an arrangement filled with sweet little keepsakes. This bejewelled bouquet mirrors a couple who believes that love should never be simple, it should be exciting and unique to keep the passion alive through the years!

Jewelled Bouquet by Lala Garcia Manila
Facebook: Lala Garcia MANILA


Here’s a bouquet which is lovely in sight and in taste, too, literally! Made with Ferrero chocolates (the kind of chocolate may vary depending on the client’s preference), two kinds of laces, brooch, gross grain ribbon, wired ribbon, balloon sticks, and plastic wrap. The entirety of it looks like a golden flower bouquet from afar and slowly reveals itself to be a truly delicious treat up close. It’s a perfect bouquet which combines two of the most popular items women love: flowers and chocolates! The bridal bouquet also comes with a whole suite for your entourage composed of smaller bouquets for your secondary sponsors, a flower basket and buttonaires. 

Denrei Calix Creations by Edelmira 
Facebook: Denrei Calix Creations


Kathlyn Izel Gulay of Think Bead played with the paper art that involves paper cutting. Instead of using fresh blooms for the bouquet, paper allows the bride to incorporate any type of flowers whether in season or not. She even has the chance to recreate her wedding bouquet. It also has a lasting factor because the couple can preserve and put it on display afterwards.  

Think Bead by Kathlyn Izel Gulay 
Facebook: Think Bead

Whether if you’ll be wed for the first time or celebrating your 25th year renewal of vows, this is a bouquet which can share your joys and laughter for the years to come. Made with scented fabric-like chiffon, tulle, and satin hand-stitched to resemble flowers chosen by the bride. It also comes with a bottle of perfume which the couple can customize - an original scent personalized to reflect the couple’s personalities and even the event’s theme. 

K.Lee Artistry by Marie Kristine Lee
Facebook: K.Lee Artistry

This fruity flower bouquet accommodates the bride’s appetite for an au naturel. The green of the apple, the cotton fruit, and the calamansi amplifies the radiance of the lemon and pear’s yellow. The kiwi fruit provides an organic feel that completes the bouquet’s magic. It’s a bouquet that’s perfect for anyone aspiring for an organic themed wedding or even renewal of vows of a refreshing and natural vibe.  

Pauline's Floral Expressioms 
Facebook: Pauline's Int. Expressions


Text by: Koko Tamura ٠ Photo by: Mark Vitasa Photography