TRAJE DE BODA - A Filipiniana Wedding Gowns

When selecting the gown for your wedding, be guided by its essence and not its label...This gallery of Wedding Gowns by Filipino Designers are inspired by Modern Filipina brides’ attributes.


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Pick the creation that reflects the characteristic you also possess, or the quality you want to obtain, and get to wear the one dress that is meant for you.


Their love is unconditional, and their creations, limitless. Clothe the bride with this heartfelt offering to the loving Filipina.

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This husband-and-wife team’s love for design and for each other helps them create marvellous pieces. “I became a designer at 18, and since then, I have been polishing my skills and trying on various styles. Our clients describe our designs as unique and fashionable. ” Says Louie They used piña silk on top with embroidery. The wedding gown’s sheen and the sparkly accents give it a luxurious appeal while the scattered design lends texture.

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She will not allow herself to be limited by tradition or controlled by rules. This Filipina knows her freedom is a right. And it shows in her choice of a contemporary wedding gown. 

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Her mother and grandmother are both sewers, and so she grew up with an affinity for textiles. Her eye for style aesthetics was honed as a graduate of Interior Design in PSID (Philippines School of Interior Design). “But I keep returning to fashion design and creating gowns.” Speaking on her bridal collection, “More on modern, I am not inclined to do something traditional. I like ruffles. But I really base it on my client’s personality. Overall my style is fun and edgy.” She makes use of Jusi combined with light organza, beautiful embroidery on the top half and fashion-forward sleeves.

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A woman of substance and character... She continuously enhances her skills, betters her knowledge and involves herself in various activities. To know her is to know her core. This wedding gown captures that timeless grace.

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Ocampo’s shop, Zen Tao Chi, means Enlightenment, Long Life and Positive Energy, characteristics she wants to be known for. Her first bridal creation was for a cousin, but even before she put up her business she was already designing couture. “It takes patience when I design. The beadwork I do is very precise; you will notice there is symmetry. I added lace because Filipinas are very feminine.”
The wedding gown features wooden and abaca beads, pearls and coconut flowers. She used a champagne colored fabric which she says complements the morena bride best. The corded lace and the butterfly sleeves further its classic look.

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She knows how to appreciate style and fashion but what makes her beautiful is her drive and passion... This wedding gown is for the Filipina bride who exudes beauty consistently...

While she may be fierce at times, she is always simply an affectionate woman. She loves in many ways -- romantically, dotingly, passionately and unconditionally. Clothe that emotion with this heartfelt offering to the loving Filipina bride.

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A self-confessed fashionista, her entrepreneurial spirit began in her teens.  She  sold clothes and accessories from her overseas trips. NouVelle Haute Couture was born after she studied in the Philippine Fashion Institute. “I go for simple elegance - basic lines and I add details into it. Look at my creations closely and notice the beads and stones interwoven into the cloth lovingly and with so much care.” She takes pride in employing the best weavers and embroiderers from Quezon Province and Bulacan. “I have been all-over the world. The Filipino wedding is the one I love the most. It is very romantic,” she adds. They are now pioneer in wedding destination haute couture.

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