The Renewal of Vows Edition Cover Story

In the height of her showbiz career, Patricia Javier momentarily left the limelight to be a hands-on wife to Dr. Rob Walcher and a doting mother to his two boys. When she was in the United States, she made the most out of her life, not only as a wife and mother but also, as an aesthetician and a disc jock. 

Now that Patricia, together with her family, is back in the Philippines, she continues to be productive. She still loves Philippine entertainment where she truly belongs. At present, she is doing wellness and beauty missions with her chiropractor husband. 

No matter how many hats Patricia has to wear every single day of her life, she always puts her family as her priority. As Patricia and Dr. Rob celebrate their 10th year as husband and wife this December, let’s reminisce their colorful love story, the hardships they have conquered during the early years of their married life and how they remained faithful despite their racial and cultural differences.

Romance Started in the U.S.
Patricia was in San Diego, California in 2003 to do events for the Filipino community. During her stay, Patricia met her Filipina friend whose husband is a chiropractor.  That friend introduced Patricia to Dr. Rob, who is also a chiropractor by profession.  “The first time I met him, I told myself, this is a perfect timing,” Patricia admits. 

Right after that meeting, since they have a busy day ahead of them, the two decided to meet early morning to have breakfast. Dr. Rob brought Patricia at a beautiful coast in San Diego. “Wow, he’s so romantic,” Patricia beams. 

While walking along the coast of San Diego, Patricia already felt that this man is for keeps.  Before they parted ways, they hugged each other. Patricia, then, was facing the ocean side when she realized that Dr. Rob is the man she wants to marry. 

Patricia describes Dr. Rob as a gift from God. After nine months of being together, Dr. Rob proposed to Patricia at the same ocean where they had their first date. “I took her to the ocean, got down on one knee and asked her to marry me,” Dr. Rob describes his first proposal to Patricia.

However, trials came in when they had their long distance relationship, which ended in a break up. 

When they broke up, Patricia realized that she needed to go back to US to fix their relationship. They both admitted that they really had a hard time adjusting in that kind of set-up.  

The break up became a blessing in disguise for Patricia and Dr. Rob. In December 2005, Patricia was surprised when Dr. Rob asked for her hand again for the second time and it was Christmas time. “Bongga naman kasi dalawang beses ako na-engage to him (It’s wonderful that I got engaged to him twice),” Patricia reveals.  Patricia and Dr. Rob tied the knot in December 27, 2005 at the court of San Diego.  In February 10, 2006, they had their garden wedding.

On Being Mrs. Walcher

After two engagements, Patricia shares her overflowing happiness with her relationship with Dr. Rob. “It was the best feeling ever. I feel so secure with my partner,” she guises.

Luckily for Patricia, she never had a problem in dealing with Dr. Rob. Cultural differences are never an issue.

When she became Mrs. Walcher, she did a lot of adjustments, both personal and professional. She learned how to cook. She studied computer with the help of her husband. She learned the value of punctuality. She even went to aesthetician school and became aesthetician by profession.

Learning all of these, Patricia attributed her success to her husband. “I’m so blessed that I have a very supportive husband. He is my guide. He is always there to help me.” Patricia shares.

Patricia did not regret leaving her showbiz career in the Philippines for a while. Having her loving husband and two handsome and sweet sons, Patricia is rewarded to have this kind of blessing she is receiving now.  Her marriage life led her to become an independent and loving wife and mother. 

Patricia is really grateful that she never had any big argument with her husband. “We always try to compromise,” Patricia says. She lets her husband do what makes him happy and her husband does the same to her.


Returning home
Patricia together with her family decided to come home last year for several reasons. She admitted that she missed her family, friends and the show business.  She also added that she would like her kids to experience how it is to live in the Philippines. Lastly, she wanted to show her husband her home country where she came from.  

When asked how long they intend to stay here. Patricia answers, “we’re gonna stay here as long as my husband wanted us to stay.”

Her coming home gives her a chance to help her fellowmen by doing wellness and beauty mission with her husband. Since Dr. Rob and Patricia has been in the wellness and aesthetics profession, they receive invitations to give talks about this matter. “They invite us to talk more about beauty and wellness,” Patricia narrates. 

Aside from the wellness mission, her husband is into cross fit competitions too. According to Patricia, Dr. Rob will be competing in Asia for this sport.

Tips to a blissful marriage
For Patricia, the number one tip she would like to share to newlywed couples is having faith in God.  “When you believe in God, He connects with you always,” Patricia says. 

Another important tip that Patricia wants to instill to couples is making sure that they give compliments to each other.  “Sometimes, it is good to tell your spouse, once in a while that I like your hair. Then, he will touch it.  Or a tap on your back will do, to show that he’s there for you.”

In addition, Patricia emphasizes the significance of leadership and respect to your spouse. Moreover, it is essential to discuss things with your partner in terms of managing the household, the finances and the children, among others. 

Patricia also advises young married couples to have their own date nights. “You have to set aside time for the two you,” she recommends. 
For our dutiful and loving wives, Patricia would like to impart the value of looking great despite age. “Habang tumatanda, lalong gumaganda dapat (as we age, we should be more beautiful),” she stresses.  She explains the need to become a good example to mothers out there to stay beautiful and healthy. Also, she tells all wives and mothers to pursue their dreams. “Do not give up your dreams. Love yourself.” 

Plans to renew their vows
Since Patricia and Rob will celebrate their 10th anniversary this year, as a couple, they consider it as a big accomplishment already. When asked what she wants if they will renew their vows, she wants to have it celebrated with her family and close friends. She wants to share this milestone with her family in the country. “We will have a small gathering where we will invite our pastor to bless us,” she reveals.“I would like to have a nice renewal wedding maybe here, sa Palacio,” she teasingly says. 

For someone as gorgeous as Patricia, it is amazing to note that she knows how to balance her family, her profession and her personal life. For Dr. Rob, his show of support to his wife is highly commendable, something that every woman should be proud of. 

This amazing couple shows the world that no race or culture can hinder one from becoming successful in life. They have proven to everyone that the right mix of love, care, support and faith in God always blend perfectly. 

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