TATAK CAVITE: Best Pasalubong & Souvenirs

After your delightful stay in Tagaytay and Cavite, a pasalubong shopping is a must! It is time to buy the famous delicacies and souvenirs in town for you and your love ones. There are a lot of shops here that sells delectable foods that will indulge your tastes and satisfy your cravings.

For your shopping guide, here are the list of shops and well-famed pasalubong centers in Cavite that you will surely love and pay a visit.


Rowena’s Pasalubong | Home of the Best Buko Tart

Rowena’s Pasalubong and Restaurant is the home of scrumptious tarts that provides its patrons individually-wrapped bite-sized tarts. As they would say “No messy cutting required!” The quaint, little, striped shop is bursting with pastries and other delicacies. Spoilt for choices with numerous shelves of foods, Buko tart is still their most popular sell. They say it came about when customers found the regular pies a bit too much. And so, voila! Tarts in single serving.

They also have cassava cakes, ube espasol, biscuits, candies and coffee beans. Their tart flavors include buko, mango, apple, ube,
and pineapple. Aside from the tarts, their homemade blueberry and strawberry cheesecakes are one of the bestsellers. They also sell sweet and spicy tamarind preserves and an array of delicious home- made food item from other pastry suppliers. To top it off, dine in patrons can have sandwiches or pasta in their garden gazebo.

Rowena started as a supplier at a training center in Tagaytay, until she found her way to make her own “pasalubong” food treats and built her own store in 2000. A devout Christian, she believes that all her actions and results is based on God’s will. She has been personally supervising her shop, meticulously look after the quality of the products and it paid off. Her humble beginning was unknowingly featured by a customer who was also a writer. She was also a good salesperson in nature that attracted many loyal and new customers. From then on, her products are being searched for.

By 2007, she started a restaurant as well. Their outdoor buffet is perfect for garden wedding receptions. Good food, ambience and great service, a drive to Tagaytay will all be worth it.

Today, Rowena has 7 branches along with her only child’s store as well who incidentally studied pastry arts to further support their business.


Mango Tart

₱200.00 (9 pieces)



Ube Tart

₱200.00 (9 pieces)



French Macarons

₱180.00 (7 pieces)




(small bites) ₱200.00 (16 pieces)


Blueberry Cheese Tarts

(6 pieces)



Buko Tart

₱200.00 (9 pieces)


Opening Hours:

Weekdays: 8:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Weekends: 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM

Contact Info:

Address: 152 Brgy. Francisco, Tagaytay City

Telephone No.: (046) 483-01-29

Mobile No.: 0999-708-07-77


Website: www.rowenas-tarts-tagaytay.com



If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, Canossa can meet your unique demands. This shop on the ridge is one of the biggest in Tagaytay City. They sell Cannosian products like Salabat, Turmeric Tea, Calamansi concentrate, and other dried duly approved by Bureau of Food and Drug (BFAD). Other stuffs are baked breads, banana muffins, carrot muffins, carrot & banana bread loafs, raisins-cinnamon bread, toasted breads, native chocolates and dairy products.


Other than one-of-a-kind bites, Cannossa also offers local garments, artsy furniture and decor.


Visit their store for your pasalubong at:

Aguinaldo Highway Tagaytay City

0917.9049456 0908. 2965907 Tel No. 046.4131380


Carmela’s Banana Cake | Best Banana Cake in the South

For Carmela’s Tagaytay, Banana Crunch Cake is a must try. It is famous for their freshly baked banana cakes which is crunchy with nuts on top. Other novelty foods include banana chips, kropek, peanuts, yema and more. To quench your thirsts and refreshments, they serve Halo- halo, Maiz Con Hielo, and their special Black Gulaman and Sago. Also in the offing are organic products like powdered Stevia, rice coffee, Turmeric Powder, Guyabano Juice, Mangosteen Concentrate, and pure honey.

The shop is also known for its quality of pasalubong items with top picked goodies from all over the country which is worth to be discovered yourself.


Choco Walnut - ₱250.00



Choco Banana₱190.00



Banana Walnut ₱240.00 / Banana Crunch ₱200.00


Visit their store for your pasalubong at:

E. Aguinaldo Highway Brgy. Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City 
(in front of Bag of Beans Athena)

(046) 413.2602 0998.554.46.24 0917. 305.04.46

Opening Hours:

Monday-Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Wednesday-Friday-Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM - 10:00 PM


Bahay Pastulan | House of Ube Shop

Craving for Ube Jam? You don’t need to go in Baguio just to have one. This specialty food is also available in Bahay Pastulan, a branch of Good Shepherd Baguio. Aside from their tasteful Ube Jam, they also offer polvoron, lengua de gato, angel cookies, choco crinkles, cashew brittle, oatmeal raisin chews, and peanut brittle that will surely add flavor on your day. For refrigerated section, they have tarts, leche flan, healthy veggie salad and others.
If you are already hungry and craving while having your pasalubong shopping, you can dine here for a while and savour their delicacies. In keeping with Good Shepperd’s mission, the store promotes person-centered business ethics. Rosaries, scapulars and religious images are also available.

Some of their Products and Price list:


  • Fruit Tart

(10 pcs) - ₱125


  • Mango Tart

(10 pcs) - ₱130


  • Ube Jam

₱140 - ₱200


  • Buko Pie

₱80 - ₱120


Opening Hours:

7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Visit their store for your pasalubong at:

Santa Rosa - Tagaytay Rd, Tagaytay, 4120 Cavite


Mahogany’s Fresh Fruits and Beef | City of Fresh Goods

If you are looking to savor the best of Tagaytay at the lowest price, you can go in Mahogany Market. With a market setting and Tagaytay fresh air, affordable goods are waiting for you. From steaming bulalo to pineapple and other fruits and to various herbs, bonsai and flowering plants, they are all huddled in this wonderful place.
Prices of local grown ribs are as low as ₱180.00 per kilo and sirloin goes for ₱240.00. Pineapples are priced from 3 for P100 (small) and P50 each for big ones.
 Herbs and other plants can go as ₱50.00 per piece. And the best part is, these low prices can even go lower. So why don’t you test your haggling skills?



One Town One Product

Cavite is known for its historical churches and places. But they are also famous for delish foods that everyone could not resist. Each town there has its own proud delicacies that you should not miss - from their side dish, chips, and sweet products. Share to your love ones and add flavour on your meal. To satisfy your cravings here are some of the list of the towns’ famed products…

1. Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo

  • Pickled Green Papaya (Achara)

Achara de Bailen is the famous sidedish in town which is made using
the traditional recipe of Caviteños in making achara. To add a twist, the community developed the new Pickled Green Papaya (Achara) consisting of Papaya, Carrots, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, and sugar.

Pickled Green Papaya is ₱180.00 for big the bottle and wholesale price of ₱175.00 good for 12 pcs. While for the small bottle, the cost is ₱75.00 and wholesale price of ₱65.00 good for 12 pcs. The place is located at Lumipa, Gen. E Aguinaldo 4124, Cavite and for inquiries, you can call them at 0928.3074457.


2. Tanza

  • Pork Chicharon

The Pat & Kat’s chicharon is not just an ordinary chicharon you always try, because it is tastier and has a unique quality. They use only less oil or no oil at all. Their chicharon are made of Class A pork skin, cooking oil and iodized salt that will satisfy your cravings.

Their 100g pork chicharon is ₱70.00. While, the 150g is ₱120.00 and for 250g is ₱160.00. Pat & Kat’s Chicharon is located in 285 Amaya 7, Tanza Cavite and for more information you can contact them at (046) 437- 6387 / 0926.6291238 / 0921.7261093 or visit their Facebook Page at Pat & Kat Pork Chicharon.


3. Alfonso (Tsokolate)

  • Chocolate Tablea


Alfonso is one of the best producers of tablea in the province of Cavite. The Alfonso Tablea (Chocolate) Producers Cooperative aims to promote the town product and help the farmers to find buyers of their cocoa tablets. The Champorado is a well-known comfort food of Filipinos during rainy season and this wouldn’t be appealing without the authentic tablea. The Alfonso’s chocolate tablet will indulge your mood because of its bittersweet flavor.

The retail price of sweetened Chocolate Tablea is ₱85.00 for 10 tablet and for 150g of wholesale is ₱75.00 which is minimum of 30 pieces. The Delfa’s Food Products is located in 156 Brgy Mangas, Alfonso Cavite and for contacts you can call them at (046) 863.0711 or 0908.8187356.


4. Magallanes

  • Muscovado de Magallanes

Muscovado is also known as Pardo. This is produced by inherent method and was practiced extensively. The Freshly harvest sugarcane go through a lot of process before it is completely pounded to ensure that the finished product wil taste good as it is.

The 1⁄4 kilo of Muscovado is ₱35.00, for 1⁄2 kilo is ₱65.00, and for 1 kilo is ₱120.00. They also have sachet for only P15.00 and one dozen per order. The Muscovado de Magallanes is located in Magallanes Women’s Club Multi- Purpose Cooperative Water System Compound, Brgy IV Magallanes, Cavite and you contact them at 0917.5847473.


5. Bacoor

  • Tahong Chips

Their famous tahong chips came from only selected fresh oysters. It is rich in iron and calcium. The price of their biggest foil (200 grams) of chips is ₱160.00, for medium (100 grams) is ₱90.00, and the small (45 grams) plastic is ₱35.00.

The place is located in 115 Evangelista St. Banalo, Bacoor, Cavite. For inquiries you can contact them at (046) 434.1824 / 683.5995 or 0918.6199689 and you can visit their Facebook page at Ocean Fresh Tahong Chips.


6. Amadeo

  • Coffee Bean


Café Amadeo Development Cooperative was established and registered under the Cooperative Development Authority Registry No. LGA-5363 through the Municipal Government of Amadeo. This coffee industry was the town's major source of livelihood and income. Amadeo Coffee Bean sells Premium blend, Cavite pure ground and beans, Pure robusta ground & beans, Pure excelsa ground & beans, and Pure arabica ground & beans.

The 1 Kg of Premium blend is 485. While, the 454 grams is 240 and the 225grams is 125. The Café Amadeo is located in CM Delos Reyes Ave. Brgy. Dagatan, Amadeo, Cavite. For further information you can contact them at (046) 683.3289/0917.5039574 or visit their Facebook page at Cafe Amadeo Development Cooperative.



7. Rosario

  • Smoked Fish, Dried Fish

The Carm Foods Enterprises now brings to the world one of the Philippines best products - dried and smoked fish. These goods came from the cautious selection of fishes which is being personally done by the owners to assure the final product's quality. The fish used here uses time-tested process and without using any artificial food coloring or flavoring. These dried and smoked fish is a sure fit with salad dishes.

The biggest foil (200 grams) of smoked and dried fish is ₱160.00, for Medium (100 grams) is ₱90.00, and the small plastic (45 grams) is ₱35.00. Carm Foods Enterprises is located in Ligtong, rosario, Cavite. For inquiries you can call them at (046) 438.7966 or 0906.2351341



-Text by Coleen Dalida