Real Brides Real Makeovers

There’s a shift happening in the mindset of today’s brides. Make-up has replaced wedding gowns as the primary concern of women upon their engagement. The rise of many professional make-up artists and cosmetic innovations makes this shift not surprising at all. Nowadays, blemishes are hidden under clever application of the right products, assets are enhanced by a few brush strokes, and sustaining that wedding day glow comes at a good price.

This compilation of brides and their make-up artists provide a useful peek at what it takes to make your special day beautiful beyond words. 


Janice Lagman
Janice Lagman is a 27--year-old Philippine Taekwondo National Athlete and Head Coach of UP Poomsae Varsity Team who fancies an all naturale look for her big day. This preference meshes well with Ms. Palamos’ style, making them the perfect tandem to create a gorgeous bride for a summer wedding in Tagaytay.

The MUA Technique
Elaine Palamos achieved this fresh look by enhancing Janice’s features and elevating her eyes. The technique she used to accomplish the latter required her to apply the make-up – particularly the eyeliner – complementing the features of her eyes. Just enough depth and definition was added to her eyes using a soft neutral shade on the crease and finished with soft and wispy lashes with a pretty lift. This look aims to capture a dewy, fresh looking skin with a subtle rosy radiant innate-like glow -- perfect for Janice who prefers a more natural look. A pale pink lip color tops off her perfect wedding look. 
As for her hair, Andrew Jardenil aimed to complement the make-up with a slightly messy do at the top for texture, which he gathered in braids at the back and coiled into a chignon.


Victoria Ortega
The 26-year-old model Victoria Ortega met Nybie on the set of a commercial shoot where, after she was dolled up, immediately considered Ms. Ng to do her wedding day make-up. Victoria’s goal to look her best – not just like another celebrity – when she marches down the aisle is the common ground she shares with Nybie that make their partnership work. 

The MUA Technique
Nybie Ng brings out Victoria’s beauty by finding her most striking feature and enhancing it through the use of neutral make-up on her fair skin. Through this, she achieves the ideal blend of a classic yet sophisticated look that is neither too loud nor too subtle. A special feature she adds is the intricate detail of the eye make-up that shows only when the eyes are closed but otherwise appears natural. As a signature look for her. She truly brings out the natural,fresh and radiant glow of each and every bride that she works with. 
Hairstyle by Pao La Ramirez


Maris Repalda De Los Reyes
Maris Repalda de los Reyes opted to check Mae’s works online first even with the referral of her husband. Having found them agreeable, she didn’t think twice about hiring her for her special day. To other brides, she recommends doing the same: asses the character of make-up artists to determine whether you’ll be able to work well with them. 

The MUA Technique
Mae Capulong thrives to satisfy the bride’s requests and in spite of possible challenges. As with Maris, she worked around the hairstyle and wedding gown to create the vintage make-up that emanates elegance. She did not pursue a ‘no-make-up’ approach.  Rather, she tempered the style – particularly with the use of the correct foundation as per Maris’ request - enough to make the bride stand out on her most special day. As Mae shares her absolute goal is for her clients to “look stunning with Maecaps”.
Hairstyle by: Maricon Pahati


Sherry Vincent
In choosing a make-up artist, Sherry Vincent prioritizes professionalism and light handedness - both of which she was fortunate to find in her sister-in-law, Mary Ann. Finding a way to solve her issue with her double chin was easy afterwards, especially with the experience and expertise of Ms. Martinez.

The MUA Technique
Mary Ann Martinez fulfilled Sherry’s request to appear to have a smaller face by foregoing the usual sun-kissed tone and using darker contour.  This she applied on the bride’s chin, cheek, and nose, and topped it with a suggestion to opt for a bollywood hairstyle. And since weddings happen only once in a lifetime, she wasn’t hesitant to apply full make-up that truly makes the bride shine ‘til the end of the reception.


Joan Castro
Joan Castro depended on the make-up artists’ rapport - specifically the ability to bring out the bride’s best - in choosing one for her wedding day. She found it in Marjorie who not only solved the issues she had with her barely-there eyebrows and dull eyes but also turned them into her assets. She advices brides to search for make-up artists they’re comfortable with in order to get excellent results on their wedding day.

The MUA Technique
Marjorie Mcmurchie used 3D eyebrows on Joan to strengthen her Filipina beauty and further amplified it by contouring her cheeks to match the shape of her face. As for her eyebrows, she played with strong gold and bronze eye shadows that flatters her tan complexion. She completes the look with a lipstick in the shade of peach.
Hair Stylist: MJ Vitug 


Grace Bondaug
Grace Bondaug met Myra long before she had wedding plans in mind. Several trips to her salon for eyebrow trimming helped them establish a relationship that enables them to exchange ideas and achieve the result that pleases them both. Grace stresses the importance of finding a make-up artist you can trust to listen to and be honest with.

The MUA Technique
Myra Bendana proves her professionalism by getting to know the client through trial sessions, listening to their preferences, and being honest enough to pinpoint what does and doesn’t work.  As with loyal clients like Grace, she used her efficiency in products suitable to the bride’s skin type and color to create the perfect set of brows, dainty lips, and overall clean make-up.
Hair Stylist: Oliver Bumatay.


The Makeup Artists

Photo by Edward dela Cuesta