Native Blooms

Wedding Digest asked our resident floral specialists to gather home-grown blooms, pick local materials and use culture and tradition to inspire Bridal Bouquets we could call our own…

This bouquet is at once a testament to Filipino craftmanship and country’s natural resources. Panyong jusi calado from Lumban, abaca weaved from Bicol and pearls from Zamboanga adds drama to this creation of Manuel Sony Francisco. He used Palung-palungan and berdeng bunga from Los Banos. Orchids from Davao. Carnation, Adjuratum from Benguet and Rafia from Kalibo was used for hand tying, all a reflection of the beauty of the Philippines.


Maybelle Focasan - Bacakeo of Go for Flowers had for inspiration the Filipinos’ romantic character.  Locally grown blooms that evoke passion were combined for this arrangement - crimson Celosia, local red roses, and snapdragons in rouge - a fitting shade for the intense way we express love.

Sinamay, an indigenous fibre from abaca, is used to wrap around the stems.  Green fillers add color while the spiralled coconut leaf midrib imparts a fanciful touch.


Lucina Anupol of Full Blooms by Inah harnessed all the light for this glorious bunch.
She put together white sunflowers, baby’s breath, pink fruits of Rosal, and trendy cactus roses for a bouquet perfect for a sunny setup.  The handle is made with sinamay and golden beads.
White is a color that Filipinos consider a symbol of purity, and its dominance in this bouquet effortlessly gives it an immaculate look.  The yellow centers, pink beads, and the green of the cactus lend just enough color to keep it exciting.