More than colors, flowers and location, the food always completes the whole wedding atmosphere. Creating the menu takes more than careful planning and passion; in fact it is almost a science of its own. And since Filipinos are renowned foodies, it takes an expert to create a menu that satisfies not only the appetite but visually stimulating as well; and Kusina ni Kambal is just the connoisseur for that.

Recipe of a Perfect Menu

Filipinos have big love for celebrations especially weddings, and their love comes with a big appetite as well which always seeks a harmony of protein, sweets, carbs and veggies. That’s why, Kusina ni Kambal owner, Irmina “Irma” San Miguel makes sure that their menu is carefully planned to fit the local palate but creatively presented.

One local favorite is Irmina’s Kare-Kareng Buntot (Oxtail in Peanut Annato Sauce) served with the all-time favourite Bagoong (shrimp paste). San Miguel claims that she creates the kare-kare traditionally without any “secret ingredient” however its appetizing flavor says otherwise.

Kusina ni Kambal is made famous by their Irmina’s Kare-Kareng Buntot which claims to be made traditionally without any special ingredient, and yet it is pleasurably distinct and mouth-watering.


Another thing Filipinos love is surprises which the Chicken in Apple-Mango sauce never fails to do. Yes, the combination of mangoes and apples’ natural juices create a delectable sauce for the chicken which surprisingly, a thumbs-up for local foodies who always appreciate sweet dishes. But speaking of surprises, Kusina ni Kambal just loves to keep everyone on their toes as they serve a pie filled with Spanish-originated Ox Tongue Stew called Pastel de Lengua. At first glance, the conservative exterior would already catch the attention, but once you slice through the delicately golden yellow crust, you’re instantly under its spell.

Of course, a menu wouldn’t be complete without healthy vegetable dishes. Kusina ni Kambal prides itself with its ability to turn a regular dish into something more exciting. Just take a look at their Fresh Lumpia Bar. The traditional lumpia which Filipinos love is turned into an art masterpiece with the creative mix of colors and flavors of vegetables, bean curd, peanut, garlic and sauces.

Moreover, Filipinos are known for their sweet tooth, no wonder many of the local dishes are interestingly sweet. Kusina ni Kambal’s Bibingka Galapon Souffle (Puto Bibingka) recipe tweaked to be served lighter is a refreshing change for the traditional favorite ricecake. The Manga at Sago ni Kambal is also a delightful treat, served Filipino-style with coconut cream.

But no celebration is complete without the famous Fiesta Halo-Halo, a mix of delectable treats such as sweetened potatoes, cooking bananas, nata de coco and ube; among others made creamier with milk is a native’s much loved dessert. If you want your wedding memories to last, ending it with a serving of halohalo would do just that. And with Kusina ni Kambal’s culinary touch, your wedding’s menu is on its way to perfection.

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