Love is Sweeter the Second Time Around

Mikki and Judith's love story was far from a perfect relationship filled of happy moments. In fact, whirlwind of events even led them to separate paths. But, true love finds its way back. And along their journey to forever, they realized how God played a significant role to their happy ending.

The Beginning of an Unexpected Love Story

Judith, who was a year older, recalled that his first impression about Mikki was "mayabang" while Mikki thought she was "masungit" and "suplada." Because of these first impressions, they didn't have the chance to get to know each other during their childhood days though they were both from Cuenca, Batangas.

Mikki made his first attempt to pursue his feelings for Judith when they were in high school. He tried to court her by sending regular text messages but was later on rejected because Judith felt a bit offended when he gave her a load.

But things turned out differently a year after. Judith felt a "kilig" factor when he saw Mikki in front of their house. It was the only time she noticed his beautiful eyes and long eyelashes. And that night, she was the one who texted Mikki first while they were watching a basketball game.

When Mikki learned Judith was the one who sent the message, he kept on apologizing. Judith remembered that out of fun and kamalditahan, she told him to kneel down and apologize to her. But Mikki have other plans. He told her that if he agrees to kneel down, she should become her girlfriend. So, from a simple "hi," Judith and Mikki became officially in a relationship on May 14, 2004. 

Being in a relationship at a very young age was a challenge because they are still exploring what they want in their life. Judith even admitted that her parents didn't knew about their relationship at first. What's more complicated was that she learned along their relationship that Mikki was a playboy. After two years, their first break up happened but Mikki asked if they can try again.

Things got better after when they were reunited, but another challenge came when Judith was reviewing for the board exam. Mikki got addicted to online games and started having attitude problems; this resulted to their second breakup. During the break up, Judith met someone who's a complete opposite of Mikki. But this also made Judith realize how much she loves Mikki.

It took 10 years of being boyfriend-girlfriend before they took their relationship to the next level.  Mikki came back from US for a short vacation and took Judith to their dream place, Hongkong Disneyland. Before the fireworks display finished, Mikki held her hand and showed a small jewelry box while she started crying. When Mikki popped the question, that's the moment Judith realized he's the one and said "yes."



A Second Chance on Love

For Mikki, he called their story "A Second Chance Moment."  Judith is a great woman who is God-fearing and values the worth of a family. "I have a lot of issues specially my characteristics I mean negative characteristics but she still accepts who I am, loves who I am, she respects my decisions," he revealed.


The Wait is Over

Surreal. It was how Judith described the happiest day in their lives. With 200 guests including families and closest friends, Judith and Mikki exchanged their vows in Philippine International Church Adventist at University of the Philippines.

Judith admitted that they do not have a theme for their wedding because they wanted to keep it simple; but they opted for a dress code. They asked all 200 guests to wear color black - the color which the couple both loved.

"We never felt tired that day. We only felt how blessed we are. clearly with the motif. We never had a dream of that kind of wedding, but we used to dream of being united," Judith reminisced.

It took the couple a year to prepare for their big day. During the one-year wedding preparation, Judith oversee everything from scouting suppliers to finalizing every single detail because Mikki was in the United States. Judith's family became her helping hand throughout the preparation stage.

But even though the groom is miles away, he still made sure he was part of the preparation. According to Judith, most of the decisions when it comes to suppliers came from Mikki. She consulted Mikki first before signing a contract. "Mas maarte ang groom," she realized.

The couple had their pre-nuptial photoshoot at Enchanted Kingdom because they wanted to capture the grand fireworks on their photos. And this is the reason why for Judith, their prenuptial photoshoot is the most memorable experience during the entire preparation despite it's a bit tiring to travel to Laguna.

After all the preparations, and most especially after the wedding, Judith and Mikki just starred at each other and told themselves the magic words “we’re married!”

"Kahit pala ganoon ang pinagdaanan nyo at kahit sobrang tagal nyo nang mag-boyfriend/girlfriend, iba pa din ang kilig at kaligayahan when we realized that we finally tied the knot. Everything made sense," Judith said.

For Judith and Mikki, they believe everything that happened to them, whoever they are now, wherever their journey goes, it is God’s will. They learned to commit everything to God before they got engaged because they knew God's plan is better than their; and God provided them all they need. Prayer was the only armour they had to become who they are right now. 

And their best advise for couples: let God direct you to the path He wanted you to be and you’ll never get lost.


Mr. Michael Kevin " Mikki " Jumarang and Mrs. Judith Magsombol- Jumarang

WEDDING DATEJuly 5, 2015




List of Wedding Suppliers:

CHURCH – Philippine International Church at Adventist University of the Philippines

PREPARATION VENUE – Seda Hotel (Nuvali)

RECEPTION VENUE – The Monochrome Events Place of Nuvali

COORDINATOR – Team Memento Events Management Services

PHOTO/VIDEO COVERAGE – Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings

FLORIST – Ruby Aliw Diolanda, Dfd

CATERER – Juan Carlo The Caterer, Inc.

CAKE – Marilou Maglinao

HMUA – Diana Santos

BRIDAL GOWN - Ms. Catherine Antenor of RC Clothes by Ching

ENTOURAGE GOWNS - Ms. Catherine Antenor of RC Clothes by Ching

BRIDAL (Chrysler) & GROOM’S (Jaguar) CARS – Entourage Limousine Service

SOUND SYSTEM – LEX Audio Touring Group

PHOTOBOOTH – Nicepix Photobooth

PERSONALIZED TICTACS – Thoughtful and Personal Creations by MIMSSAC