Jazz up your Wedding with Style

You and your husband-to-be are decided on the overall theme of your dream wedding. Creative ideas pour in; as such, you become too excited about the outcome.  However, you do not know exactly how to turn those ideas into reality. But thanks to a new breed of experts known as event stylists, you can achieve your dream wedding by sharing your ideas and leave the creative work and executionto them.

However, the question is, is there a need to hire an event stylist? If yes, when do you need to hire one?

Marc Santos, a long-time wedding coordinator who finds another passion in working as an event stylist, shares his expert opinion on matters about event styling and the necessity of getting their services.

When an Events Stylist Becomes a Necessity

We list down the following considerations as to when to hire an events stylist for soon-to-wed couple’s upcoming wedding.

Weddings only happen once. For Marc, he tells that hiring an events stylist is necessary because weddings happen once-in-a-lifetime. “They will get married once. Make it fabulous and beautiful,”. Other couples spend because they want it to be memorable. “Memories will remain, so the picture must show beauty,” Marc adds.

Couple dream of thematic wedding. He also emphasizes that hiring an events stylist becomes necessary if married-to-be couple are planning to execute a dream thematic wedding. That itself is one of the main reasons why you need to hire an events stylist. When doing thematic wedding, the events stylist should be able to incorporate creatively the concept for your desired theme. “Everything should be in unison,” Marc says.

Create special ambiance.  If a couple would like to have a unique defining moment to remember on their wedding, hiring an events stylist will help them achieve that by creating a certain kind of vibe to the venue.

Turn an ordinary venue to a romantic, fab wedding reception. He explains that an events stylist can turn an ordinary place into something special. In one of his projects, Marc reveals that he turned a rice mill into a beautiful wedding reception. “I just clean the area, remove the unnecessary elements and dress-up the area and convert it to a reception,” Marc shares.  “Why not get a cheaper venue, then, hire a stylist,” he says.  With this, couple can at least save from expensive venue rental that only offers limited time in using the location.

What to Look for in an Events Stylist?

Marc considers the following traits to look for when hiring an events stylist.

Check the portfolio. With the existence of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, many events stylist post their previous works there. From those sites, a couple can check the work of the stylists through these outputs. However, he advises not to underestimate the works of stylist who are just starting to build a name. Sometimes, they do create an impressive work that won’t hurt a cost.

Possess a great deal of credibility. If you want your wedding to land in wedding magazines or websites, hire an events stylist who has shown competence and greatness in the industry. Of course, expect that in getting a reputable stylist means you have to deal with higher professional fee.

Know to create a vision. It is important that a stylist must show his vision to his clients by sketching or drawing his original ideas. Providing three-concept presentation for approval is helpful not only for the stylist but also for the client so they can both visualize how these ideas will be translated effectively. Furthermore, these concepts provide specific vision to clients.

Has a sense of passion to style. An events stylist should have an inner desire to work for this craft. “Is this your passion?” he asks. An events stylist should possess a great passion for this kind of industry because it is his responsibility to provide new and unique styles that is celebrated once in one’s lifetime.

Once you hire an events stylist, Marc  advises the brides and grooms to trust the stylist on how he or she will deliver the design concept of your dream wedding.  After all, it’s their job to do so. 

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About Marc & Co. Events

Marc & Co. Events started as an events planning and coordination company in 2003. After years of specializing wedding coordination and planning, the company takes its services a notch higher. With the company’s tagline, “We make every event a masterpiece,” the company turns this tagline into reality by adding event styling as part of their services in 2013.  At present, Marc & Co. Events continues to build its name not only in the coordination industry but also in event styling.

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