Honeymoon Deals

To couples who can’t wait to have their own family, the honeymoon is as important as the marriage ceremony. But while there are many options and diverse and ethereal locations from all around the globe, it is quite difficult to choose the best one. Of course, you need to consider that your honeymoon destination should be restful and peaceful, and offers you the space and the privacy that you need.

Take heed, though. In this country lies two of the most ardent and lush locations that you can spend with your spouse – and you don’t have to stretch your budget. One makes you want to stay in the city more and the other, makes you immerse yourself in its serene beaches.

Red Coconut Boracay
When choosing Boracay for your honeymoon destination, head on to Red Coconut Beach located in Station 2 of this famed island. Aside from the relaxing and soothing view of the islands, the beaches and the sands, and the waters, Red Coconut boasts of its personalized services to its guests. “We treat our guests like family, and we get a lot of returning guests because of this,” says Michael Schnitzius, the resort’s manager. “We remember the names of our valued guests. People have returned just to see our staff, just to see them again like visiting a family. I love it when we have a house full of Filipino guests.  Unlike other hotels that imbibe the Western vibe, Red Coconut tries to keep up with the native Filipino theme.”

The suites have Jacuzzis and bathtubs and most rooms, except superior, have verandas or balconies that open to a spectacular view of sunset, the beach and the pool. Overall, the hotel can accommodate around 150 guests.


Luxent Hotel
At the heart of Quezon City stands a stylishly decorated, generally furnished and spacious standard in leisure and corporate travel sure to melt the hearts of all newlyweds in the region, towering even but that’s what makes it stand out above the rest. The Luxent Hotel is your home away from your home because not only are the rooms fit for kings and queens but their food is a gastronomic delight. Plus stay wet at their infinity pool and sweat it out at their gym which offers a panoramic view of Tomas Morato Avenue and Timog Avenue. 

When it comes to dining, you can choose the Garden Cafe which provides you with sumptuous buffet or the Lush Bar and Lounge where you can have some cocktails while at the same time relaxing your feet upon one of the stools and being comfy to your loved ones.