"Here comes the Bride getting down from a Ride"


What is all the fuzz about bridal cars anyway you may ask?

The bridal car is more than just 
a means of transportation to
 help you get from your hotel
to your ceremony venue and your reception. It can show your personality type and style. Not just about functionality, the bridal car should be looked at as an aesthetic piece in your wedding.



Vintage or moderns cars? White, Silver or Black?

With so much to choose from how can one ever decide? Consider these points below and maybe we can help you decided on the bridal car you want to ride on your big day.



Have you thought about how much you want to spend for your ride? You can ask for quotations from different rental companies so that you can dip your toes on the water and be able to gauge the range.


Theme or peg

What is your wedding theme? Do you want to match your car to the theme? Or do you want to arrive in a bold statement piece that guests would rave about. Remember it is your wedding so you can really mix and match.


On Vintage Cars

A lot of brides nowadays go for vintage cars because it is really classy. We just want to remind you that if you are having your wedding in Cavite. Tagaytay and Metro Tagaytay then consider the terrain. We want a classic car but we certainly want to make sure that the car would be capable to function in getting you to where you need to go.


Tips from our Expert

We asked Don Robert of Don Roberts Bridal Cars and here are a few tips that he graciously shared.


* Some popular cars rented for Tagaytay and Cavite weddings are the Vintage Convertibles. The climate is cool and the couples want to see the nice view of Tagaytay.

* Vintage cars are available and are a hit in Tagaytay weddings but for certain venues with steep terrains there are more appropriate vehicles that we offer.

* If the gown of the Bride is big, he suggests to rent
a bigger car like Limousine, Jaguars, Benz’s and Vintage Cars. You may have a dream bridal car but he explains that the bride needs to be comfortable more than anything.

* He also share that the advantage of having a bridal car supplier that is based in Cavite is that it cuts your cost of out of town charge. He also believes that Cavite based suppliers certainly know the routes better or shortcuts if there is traffic.

Roll in style but best of all roll in something you would be comfortable in and something you would love to reminisce over and over again.




-Text by Rio De Guzman

-Photos courtesy of Don Roberts Bridal Car