Extraordinary Wedding Songs: Bringing back sophistication to weddings

The woman of your dreams slowly walking along the aisle in all her splendor and beauty to the tune of that love song that brought about your union sung classically in an operatic rendition creating an ambiance of elegance fitting for a queen. With Nel Canto, your favorite pop love songs will be sung with a touch of class and sophistication through its operatic rendition contributing to the air of love and elegance from the couple.

Distinct Flavor to One’s Wedding
Unlike the usual wedding songs, Nel Canto fuses the classical vibe of opera into popular music which most weddings are into these days. Operatic Music is not just about beautiful vocals. it requires an in depth study of all the factors around it,the story, the composer, music, text and its interpretation. This is why it is commonly branded as serious music. It is their belief that this fusion of two different music genres that brings out sophistication and beauty is what your bride deserves. For example, fusing operatic impressions with today’s popular music such as “ The Story of My Life” by One Direction and even the videoke favorite “Pusong Bato”. These operatic renditions of contemporary hits will give listeners a fresh take on their favorites. It allows both the mature and the young generations to enjoy music together. As Nel Canto advises, “Put importance to the
music you’re going to bring in your wedding. Music controls everything - mood, ambiance and feelings of the people in the wedding.” Giving out an interesting version of pop music actually doesn’t only keep the guests entertained; they also become interested and more in-tuned with the general atmosphere of the event. And this is what makes weddings more beautiful. Nel Canto gives an interesting flavor by preparing their own musical arrangement, which not all bands can do.

NEL CANTO is an ensemble of highly experienced and vocally gifted gentlemen coming from the ranks of the Philippine Madrigal Singers and the UST Singers focused on performing Operatic Renditions of Popular, Rock, Original Filipino or Alternative Music. With the diverse vocal characteristics of Fred Santos, Leo Gonzalez, Von Ryan Yu and Gary Fabricante, Nelcanto can surely hype up the atmosphere of any event whether it’s for a couple’s fulfillment of a happily-ever-after or a re-affirmation of love a  they sing “You’re Still the One” in a whole new rendition.

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