Tita Sonya Tagaytay



For a timeless celebration with an edgy vibe, this wedding theme by Tita Sonya Tagaytay will surely radiate warmth to your guests like no other. It’s chic and classy at the same time, making your wedding not too stiff and very open and welcoming.


Long Banquet Style Wedding Table


To make your wedding celebration feels warm and intimate, a long reception table setup is perfect to give your guests the perfect welcome and the feeling of being right at home. This long classic reception table is adorned with hanging Japanese lantern and lined with classic tiffany chairs. Centerpiece is draped with white vases and wildflowers for a clean and breezy look.


Classic Centerpiece

Fall in love with this lovely centerpiece with all the right shabby chic and vintage goodness. From Birdcage, classic flowers with green fillers, white vases, picture frames, burlap runner and lace, they are sure to impress and catch the attention of anyone with a flair for pretty details.


Family Style Tablescape

For an intimate wedding with up to 50 guests, a family style seating is best to encourage guests to mingle and with one another and create more special memories together, with the bride and groom as hosts.


A framed photo as a centerpiece, alongside a worth remembering.


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SJ Events Stylist 


Create your own happy-ever-after with an enchanting indoor garden wedding wrapped with style, art, and floral perfection with
a hint of greenery. SJ Events Styling and Floral Designs especializes in garden wedding setup that you can recreate inside a closed- door venue for a more intimate and private feel. Pure bridal bliss will surely be on air as you say “I do” inside a place that’s not just enchanting, but nature-friendly too.


Gold and Greenery Tablescape

A golden feast awaits the guests with accents of golden candelabras, table linens, glassware, and vases. White flowers are interspersed throughout with topiaries completing the magic that is reminiscent of every fairy-tale like wedding, making the celebration feel like a scene straight out of a castle.


Secret Garden

Beautiful on their own, white flowers in full bloom can add magic to any space. Enchant your guests with a stage filled with white flowers accentuated with grass hedges and mirrors on the side, making every moment picture-worthy both through a snap or a glimpse of an eye ever after they witnessed that day.


The marriage of gold and white up a more regal feel.


Garden Aisle

Recreate a solemn ceremony area with an indoor venue laced with white orchid and hydrangeas in the aisle and a magical arc of wisterias. The entrance, with a draped curtain on each side, will make everyone feel as though they’re entering a garden, and the bride feel like she’s taking a walk of a lifetime.


Achieve this look with SJ Events Styling and Floral Designs (www.facebook.com/sjeventstylist).


Joel G. Faller


Rustic wedding theme is a popular choice for those wanting an outdoor celebration. With timeless elements like barn, greeneries, and lodges, surely one will be able to achieve that rustic feel especially if it falls under the magic hand of an events stylist that knows how to mix rustic with elegance. Joel Faller the Floral Artist will be on your rescue with his expertise on rustic wedding designs.


Vintage Entrance

Rustic weddings have a vintage feel to it like this entrance which features wooden panels and wooden signages. It has less flowers and more woods. Palettes also complete the nostalgic feel of the entrance which will make brides reminisce while walking down the aisle.


Rustic Bohemian Ceremony Setup

This design features a burlap carpet to make every bride’s walk iconic. The twigs with assorted fresh flowers serve as a pillar while the rope is made of abaca twine with flowers and green leaves. To complete the look, there are wooden boxes with a wooden vase with flower on top.


Nostalgic Stage Setup

Get this breezy and bohemian rustic couple backdrop by using aster and grass hedges. The brown couch also makes it more nostalgic for the couple celebrating their special day with their loved ones.


This elegantly styled entrance uses clay pots with fresh flowers placed along the aisle. The white cloth with aster gives it a more dramatic feel.


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Randy Lazaro


Want your wedding to be romantic and elegant at the same time? Opt for Randy Lazaro Events & Lifestyle, a team of creatives with collective views, talents, and expertise coupled with boundless energy
and enthusiasm, evident in their stunning
and outrageous designs. With its mantra: to create, commit, and perform, Randy Lazaro Events & Lifestyle helps couples navigate through their dream wedding design with the ever-reliable magic wand of Randy Lazaro. Each creation is unique and personal, giving every couple what they truly deserve.


Whimsical Ceiling Designs

There’s nothing more elegant than a set of crystal chandeliers as ceiling interior add-ons. Surely, anyone who dances the night away under these will feel magic all around. There are also vines of huge green leaves with overflowing flower and an additional flower installation for a fresher garden ambiance. This makes your indoor celebration a perfect mix of comfort and class at the same time.


A Stage of Royalty

The elegant stage design features a proper flesh floral installation in big Victorian vases. It also has a white lamp holder installation and a comfortable thematic couples’ chair with console and table flower installation, making the bride and the groom feel like royalties.


Silver boxes of blush color palette, powder pink, white and berries fill the table.


Local selection of different flowers prettify the celebration even more.

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Photo by Marvin Aquino Photography