Even though the newlyweds are the star of the night, never forget the ones backstage: The Crew. Most importantly, don’t forget their meal, it’s the least you can do for they’re the ones making sure every single element of the special day, magically unforgettable.

There are three options to take when it comes to providing meals for your team: catered meal, meal allowances or crew meal. Catered meal is by far the easiest since all a bride needs to do is to add in few extra heads to the catering package. But this can be a little hard on the pocket. If you decide to take this route, it’s better to be ready adding in a few thousand pesos on your wedding budget.

Meal allowances, on the other hand are also convenient but a lot less expensive than getting catered meals. A bride can just allot a certain amount and leave it to the wedding coordinator as an additional job. It can actually lessen a bride’s stress since you know everything is well taken care of.

But if a bride likes to be in-charge and at the same time save a few more pesos, providing crew meals is the way to go! But it can be a lot of work since you need to make sure that your team wouldn’t get starved in the middle of the day. You can actually designate a great cook from the family like the mom or an aunt to budget and prepare the crew meal and let the coordinator handle the distribution.

But be considerate. The crew is the first to arrive and last to leave your wedding; tired and exhausted can be an understatement so make sure you provide them with a decent meal. Forget serving them fried chicken that every other fast food offers. They are affordable and available, but serving them chicken from breakfast to dinner is just unreasonable. If you can be creative with your wedding, then picking out a simple menu for your crew wouldn’t be trouble. As much as possible, provide them a balanced meal; a healthy meal would be helpful in a long day of work. You can add in desserts if you want, giving them a little treat can go a long way.

Coffee can also do wonders for your crew, most especially if they need to arrive early. Flowing coffee doesn’t only keep the staff alive and active, it can also make your crew be grateful of your gesture making them a lot motivated to make the event successful.

Lastly, assign a decent place to eat. Providing them a function room where they can eat peacefully but close enough if they are needed is ideal. The crew deserves to be treated well because without them a wedding wouldn’t simply be as enchanting as you would ever wish.