Ber Months Sweet Treats


Hooraaay to our future bride and groom!

Now that the rainy days promo has come to an end. We are introducing the Sweetest Ber Months offer in a limited time from August 16-September 30, 2017 

Avail any of our packages from 75k,135k, 180k or 250k and get the following items for free:

1. (Select one) Candy corner with Chocolate Fountain set up or Appetizer Bar with Chocolate fountain set up

2. 10pcs perfume souvenirs for the Principal Sponsors

3. Free photo gallery set up with prints of prenuptial selected photos (10pcs 5R 5"x7", 5pcs 8R 8"x10", 1pc 11R 11"x14")

4. You can still get the 14k wedding rings as freebie

(Disclaimer: all the items are optional, removal of any of the services won't reduce the package price. The promo will only be rewarded upon purchasing of the whole package without excluding any services.)