Creating Unforgettable Moments with Memento Event Management Services

Photos, gifts or souvenirs - that’s what people often collect after weddings; but with Memento Event Management Services (MEMS), it’s every single moment from wedding preparations to the big day that makes the entire wedding experience itself unforgettable.

“Your Partner in Creating Souvenirs with your Best Moment”

The Dynamic MEMS Workforce With more than five years experience working as wedding coordinators in different groups, Phil Matignas, Julius Fernandez, and Kristine Malagkit, joined forces together to establish a powerhouse group. From their hobby of organizing events grew the passion of helping others create memorable events. Among the thousands of wedding coordinators in the country, MEMS stands out with its tandem of three main coordinators who sees to it that every single detail of your wedding is taken cared of. As the Japanese proverb says “Three heads are better than one,” MEMS executes the plan efficiently with its full force team. 

Phil - The Director 
 • Organize the program sequence 
 • Coordinate suppliers’ schedule of service and product delivery
 • Ensures that the entire event goes as plan

Julius - The Tech Guy 
 • Organizes technical aspects of the events (music, bands, photos and videos) 
 • Acts as a co-director and provide supports to the Director

Kristine - The Manager 
 • Her role is to implement the plan 
 • Acts as a co-director and provide supports to the Director

Not just your wedding coordinator

Started only in 2013, MEMS have already already worked with more than 40 clients. MEMS have been one of the most preferred wedding coordinators because they maintain a good relationship with their clients. They treat their clients as their friends. And how do you treat your friends? - with utmost care and honesty.

“To win a client’s trust dapat honest ka din sa kanila. Try to give your 100% effort and minsan more than pa sa 100%. Huwag kang magbibigay ng situation na di mo kayang panindigan sa kanila,” Phil Matignas, co o-owner of Memento Events Management Services (MEMS) said. MEMS sees to it that the needs of their clients are met so they can make their clients’ events memorable and fun starting from a stress-free planning to a well polished program.

Aside from good relationship with their clients, MEMS also maintains a good relationship with suppliers - another advantage for couples who are looking for a variety of suppliers.

A dependable coordinator for star-studded weddings Gerbel Luntayao-Langha, the woman who took care of Kris Aquino’s sons, personally handpicked MEMS as their wedding coordinator.

Out of the five wedding coordinators the couple inquires from, MEMS stand out not just because of the affordable rates offered but the quality of service the group can offer.

The countless positive client feedbacks and reviews have proved that MEMS have earned the trust and satisfied their clients expectations. “For how many months, puzzled ako sa pagpplan ng wedding ko. Pero within 2 hours na pag-uusap natin, nagkaroon ako ng direction dun sa pagpplan ng wedding ko,” Luntayao-Langha said. Though the couple opted to have an intimate and simple yet fun wedding, having the Queen of All Media as one of the principal guests was a challenge. But MEMS pulled it off with their teamwork.

For simple but grand weddings like Luntayao-Langha weddings, MEMS team is composed of 7-8 staff to assure that the 150 guests are well-taken cared of as well.

Meanwhile, for small weddings of 100-150 guests, MEMS utilizes 4-6 staff. Unlike other wedding coordinators who have a large team, MEMS opt to have a small yet trained staf.

MEMS - making dream weddings happen

MEMS offers reasonable and budget friendly on-the-day and full coordination packages yet making sure that the client’s ideal event will be met. For couples who have low budget, MEMS still deliver quality work of a high-end supplier.

With the developing wedding industry, MEMS makes sure they are up-to-date with the latest trends from motif to flower arrangement to event styling. Aside from assistance from industry professionals, MEMS utilizes the Internet to check what they can suggest and offer more in relation to their client’s requirements.

“Sometimes pag nasa vacation sa USA, I go to expos and collect magazines or watch series about events; or go to store/boutiques to see kung may bagong uso na gamit for styling or things na pwede magamit sa events, and minsan as simple as brainstorming with the team and clients,” Matignas shared.

Looking forward, MEMS aims to expand its services to other parts of the Philippines and internationally such as around Asia and Europe. Moreover, MEMS is planning to have its own event place which will serve both as a haven for MEMS and a one-stop-shop for all wedding needs.


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