An Exclusive Unveiling of Fragrance

It’s one of the most original and scentsational concepts in weddings – the PERFUME BAR.  

L’ Chelaisse Parfums provides us with a rare opportunity to create our mobile perfumery and unveil it to the world on the big day.

A gift of nostalgic scents for yourself, your entourage and your guests...

The Making of a Trend in Scent 
So, what is a perfume bar doing in a wedding?  We have seen every food station hybrid, and photo booths everywhere, add-ons that have become a regular sight in weddings.  L’ Chelaisse deviated from the trend and started its own.  

Ms. Mel Malangen went from being a passionate perfume collector to becoming a pro in perfumery when she started the business with the support of her husband and kids.

Her daughter innocently suggested that they fashion the perfume bottles in Barbie’s likeness.  Her son had an idea too; he thought all the perfume bottles should be put on display in a bar.  It was such a revelation that the couple immediately integrated the ideas in the business.  They had their plain perfume bottles changed and molded like little dress forms then had little gowns to dress the new bottles with.  The next step was to build a bar especially for their perfumes.

Perfume Bar for Every Wedding Theme

Small Ideas Big Potential
Their perfume mobile bar is a 360° display booth that allows easy access and a view for everyone.  It is fitted with modern perfume dispensers above the space where their dressed perfume bottles are on exhibit.  The top and bottom parts of the mobile bar are like empty AD spaces for you to fill. Like lighted billboards, have your ‘brand name’ splayed in bold letters, make up an original logo or live your dream and be commercial models.  

Personalize to your whims 
More than just personalizing the bar itself, the area, where it is designated, will also be spruced up to match the theme.  If your perfume bottles are Filipiniana-inspired, then they will make a setup with a Filipiniana-inspired theme.  If your bottles’ little gowns are made of lace, expect a gazebo-like setup made out of lace.  The requisite red carpet makes the space really formal and stylish.  Now, let’s take a look on what really is displayed...



Scented Souvenirs
After combining various essences they revealed over a hundred perfume variants covering the full range of fragrances, from floral and fresh to woody and everything in between.  Choose a fragrance with an aquatic quality to conjure up images of blue oceans for a seaside wedding or find an invigorating citrus scent to match a sunny theme.  
Ms. Mel suggests Eau de Parfum, the more sophisticated perfume with one of the highest concentrations of perfume oil, to be reserved for family and the entourage.  Perfume in dressed bottles can be set aside for principal sponsors or VIPs.


Perfumes as the ‘Little Bride’
Dressed in a lavish wedding gown.  The custom-made little gowns can virtually be in any bridal gown design and fabric.  It can also be themed, like an overstated ball gown for a Victorian Era theme or a trendy black number for a black wedding theme.

Traditional Beauties
A Filipiniana wedding is a theme unique to our country, focusing on our culture and traditions.  Choose a beautiful terno or a baro’t saya for your perfume to promote our national pride with every bottle while enjoying a setup that matches the same theme as well.

There’s something for the groomsmen, too. It’s not all dresses for the bottles.  The boys will surely be interested to find sleek, clear-cut perfume bottles also on display, as masculine or musky scents are also available.

The Brand 
As mentioned earlier, you can have a brand name.  Choosing that brand name for your perfume will truly get your creative juices flowing.  It could be as simple as Love or Pag-ibig, a combination of your names, or a phrase to describe your love story.  Aside from appearing on the bar itself, this brand will be etched on every perfume bottle and not simply printed on monotonous stickers or cards.   This brand is forever.  

Grand Opening 
A ribbon-cutting ceremony with the groom and bride precedes the official unveiling of the fragrance at the wedding reception.  Once the curtains are up, your guests will see your special brand, smell your unique scents, and have their own bottle of your creation.  A grand opening indeed. 

The L’ Chelaisse Perfume Bar is a complement to every wedding style, a source of exquisite personalized souvenirs, a classy backdrop for photo ops for you and the guests, your first ‘conjugal property’ and an event on its own.

Get a whiff of your own...
For only  P28,200.00 at promo price, you can have their Basic Perfume Package which includes perfume sets for the groom, the bride, one exclusive scent for the entourage and secondary sponsors, dressed bottles for the female sponsors and embellished bottles in Swarovski-inspired crystals for the male sponsors, and the perfume mobile bar with 100 pcs. travel-size bottles in an assortment of fragrances with corresponding claim stubs, staff to assist your guests and themed on site set up.

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