About Us


A decade of passionate writing on Philippine Weddings, gathering the best of local wedding suppliers, offering incomparable ways to save and other tools for a dream wedding is what the Wedding Digest magazine version has been all about.  And in celebration of our anniversary, we give you Wedding Digest Online.
In our mission to further promote weddings in the Philippines, we reach out to our kababayans and foreigners worldwide through this unlimited platform.  Whether to showcase our exotic beaches and island getaways for a destination wedding or the different churches for a traditional Catholic wedding, and other exceptional indoor and outdoor venues – Wedding Digest Online is committed to help you envision, plan, and fulfil your wedding in the Philippines!

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Michelle Marie T. Santos - The Publisher

She is the visionary that started Wedding Digest in 2004.  More than being just the PUBLISHER, she is the driving force that pushes the magazine, the website, and the people behind it to continuously strive for excellence.  Her leadership has earned accolades for Wedding Digest, including Top Brand Awards’ Best Wedding Magazine in 2011.

April Tong - Editor-in-Chief

As EDITOR-IN-CHIEF it is her role to manage the content of the magazine and the website.   She aims to inspire and inform couples everywhere with each article on wedding planning in the Philippines and to introduce trusted local wedding suppliers to the rest of the world.       

Loida Tillermo - Advertising Supervisor

Her creativity and originality makes her an effective ADVERTISING SUPERVISOR which is essential as her primary role is to supervise over the layout and over-all design of the magazine and the website. 

Jing Arevalo - Sales and Marketing 

Genuine and amicable, this ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE goes above and beyond her responsibilities.  Her main function is to oversee the clients’ account both in the magazine and the website.  She is also responsible for assisting the new and returning advertisers.  

Aileen Camartin - Administration Head

The ADMINISTRATION HEAD is in charge of circulation, company documents and other basic details essential in the functionality of the magazine and the website.  Her dedication is unrivalled and in parallel with the company’s mission and vision.